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As I said on LiveJournal, I can't bear to post this mix again in full because one of the people that worked on the songs on the original mix is a homophobe, and said song makes me cringe now.  That and I think I really missed the mark with this mix because I wanted to get away from the rampant use of Linkin Park in fanmixes.  But here was the text that was include in the mix, along with gif.

Actually, maybe I can come up with a new mix for these two.  Stay locked.

Oh, and sorry about the messed up HTML.  Was cleaning it up, but was distracted for a bit.


She's Fiona Glenanne, an Irish national, formerly in the IRA. She does odd jobs in Miami now: unlicensed bounty hunting and illegal weapons dealing, mostly. She's part of an unnamed team with (current) boyfriend Michael Westen and Sam Axe, serving as a firearms and explosives expert as well as a stunt driver. She'd rather shoot first and ask questions later, to borrow a cliche.

He's Jesse Porter, a former field agent for the US government. After going rogue on assignment, he was sent to do office work in Miami. He's accidentally burned when Michael has to obtain information from his computer. Jesse meets Michael and his team while searching for the person that burned him, ironically enough.

Fiona and Jesse get along after discovering they're similar in wanting justice and revenge against enemies. Michael sends the two on side missions together to solve Michael and Jesse's cases. Jesse falls in love with Fiona. Fiona's commitment to Michael and the team's attempt to cover up Michael's burning of Jesse initially drive him over the edge and away from the team. It appears a meeting with Fiona and Michael's mother Madeline doesn't persuade him to rejoin the team.

To the team's surprise, Jesse saves Michael's life in a standoff. He rejoins the team, but he doesn't pursue another romance with Fiona. He's too pissed off at Michael to do so. He does forgive Fiona for lying to him. (That was after he blew up her new house as part of a job, but that's another story.)

These days Fiona and Jesse are cool with each other, doing the occasional job together and having fun along the way.

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It would be awesome if they did get together. But with the endgame anvils surrounding Michael and Fiona, it isn't going to happen. Besides, they're cuter as a crack ship than they are in canon, anyway. :p


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